Item #240440 Tibet: The Secret Continent. Michel Peissel.

Tibet: The Secret Continent

Thomas Dunne Books, February 2003. Hardcover. Item #240440
ISBN: 0312309538

With 250 accompanying photographs, Michael Peissel tells the history of the early Tibetans and the subsequent golden age of Tibetan Buddhism under the monk Richen Zampo. He examines the spiritual aspects that are so important in Tibetan life and the modern international success of Lamanism. Chronicling the paths of early explorers, Peissel relates Tibet's plunder and destruction, from its dismembering in colonial times to the Chinese takeover. He looks at the uniqueness of the Himalayas, where flora and fauna have evolved to suit the high altitude and resulted in such extraordinary species of animals as the yak and the Takin, a huge goat.
Through his writing and photography, Michael Peissel brings to life the geographical, spiritual, and intellectual heart of Tibet.

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