Item #252059 Aromatic Candles. Rosevita Warda.

Aromatic Candles

Sterling/Chapelle, December 2001. Hardcover. Item #252059
ISBN: 0806987359

There are many ideas for candles that you can make yourself in this guide, with a variety of blends of special oils. The world of aromatherapy can be your world, as you practice these simple instructions for using flame and fragrance to turn eating into dining, resting into meditation, and an evening at home into unforgettable romance. Start by learning to recognize, select, and purchase essential oils and waxes. Then, it's on to the basics of candle making as you learn methods such as dipped, moulding, floating and whipped wax, as well as techniques of embedding and finishing. For your own personal style, follow the tips on how to mix and match candle making methods and oil recipe blends.

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