Celestial Geometry: Understanding the Astronomical Meanings of Ancient Sites. Ken Taylor.

Celestial Geometry: Understanding the Astronomical Meanings of Ancient Sites

Watkins Publishing, April 2019. Trade Paperback. Item #276722
ISBN: 1786782707

This book travels the world to explore over 60 archaeological sites that enshrine the remarkable achievements of ancient astronomers. In many cultures, an early understanding of the cosmos is expressed through architecture--stone circles that act as giant computers for the timing of eclipses or connections with the rising or setting of planets. The author's focus ranges broadly--from the great stone circles of Europe to the pyramids of Egypt and the pyramid-temples of Central America, from the medicine wheels of North America to the carved monoliths of Easter Island. In part, however, the book's value lies in its revelation of astronomical alignments in lesser-known structures, such as the vast sun clock of Goseck in Germany and the ancient rock art of Australia. The book is organized by key celestial events including lunar and solar eclipses, and features original artwork showing key alignments and the movements of the planets and stars. The book offers beautiful and fascinating insights into the mysteries of the ancient world--and a vision of mankind's efforts to integrate our sense of spiritual belonging with the mysteries of space and time.

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