Item #307851 The Cosmic Serpent. Jeremy Narby.

The Cosmic Serpent

Tarcher, April 1999. Trade Paperback. Item #307851
ISBN: 0874779642

Very good in wrappers (paperback).

For ten years, Jeremy Narby explored the Amazonian rain forests, the libraries of Europe, and some of the world's most arcane scientific journals, following strange clues, unsuppressible intuitions, and extraordinary coincidences. He collected evidence and researched the seemingly impossible possibility that specific knowledge might somehow be transferred through DNA, the genetic information at the heart of every cell of every living thing, to a specially prepared consciousness. Narby demonstrates that indigenous and ancient peoples have known for millennia - and have even drawn - the double helix structure, something Western science discovered only in 1953. He also suggests that DNA and the life it codes for at the cellular level are "minded."

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