Item #308681 From Urbanization to Cities: The Politics of Democratic Municipalism. Murray Bookchin.

From Urbanization to Cities: The Politics of Democratic Municipalism

AK Press, January 2022. Trade Paperback. Item #308681
ISBN: 1849354383

Very good in wrappers (paperback).

From Urbanization to Cities is a sweeping history of the city, not as a destination for capitalist exchange and individual gratification but as a locus for directly democratic politics. Just as ecosystems rely on participation and mutualism, so must cities--and their citizens--rediscover these qualities, establishing harmonious and ethical social relations. Democratic municipalism is an emancipatory philosophy of self-determination, where politics becomes an everyday act in which ordinary people and local communities take the power of decision making into their own hands. From the Paris Commune to the Kurdish-led revolution in northeast Syria, democratic municipalism is a tool for wresting power from the nation-state, allowing capitalist urbanization to give way to humanly scaled, ecological, and egalitarian societies.

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