Item #333167 Drawing Essentials: A Guide to Drawing from Observation. Deborah Rockman.

Drawing Essentials: A Guide to Drawing from Observation

Oxford University Press, March 2008. Trade Paperback. Item #333167
ISBN: 0195314328

Very good paperback copy.

Ideal for introductory studio art courses in drawing, Drawing Essentials: A Guide to Drawing from Observation thoroughly covers the three drawing subcategories that are most important at the foundation level--basic drawing (non-subject specific), figure drawing, and perspective
drawing--explaining clearly and in depth the elements that are essential to depicting form and space on a two-dimensional surface.
Addressing and illustrating studio experiences that are not effectively dealt with in other drawing books, this unique text elucidates such fundamental (yet challenging) concepts and methods as the process of sighting; scaling techniques; meaningful and descriptive line variation; observation
and development of tonal structure; creation of interesting and instructive still lifes; the conceptual impact of still-life objects; the unique challenges of the human figure and portraiture; basic and advanced perspective systems; brainstorming and the generation of ideas; and the use of
photographs as reference. Throughout, award-winning artist, teacher, and author Deborah Rockman focuses on the cultivation of observational skills, increased sensitivity, critical thinking, technical refinement, and knowledge of materials.
Drawing Essentials further distinguishes itself from other texts on the market by including many high-quality student works drawn from Rockman's twenty-seven years of teaching experience, as well as carefully selected works from historical masters and numerous contemporary artists for whom
drawing is a primary studio practice. In addition, Rockman provides students with invaluable practical material, including coverage of various traditional and nontraditional drawing media and surfaces and information on alternative processes that can be combined with drawing. Drawing Essentials also
provides powerful examples of what more advanced students can accomplish with a strong foundation drawing background.
An exceptional, all-in-one, and affordable resource on drawing, figure drawing, and perspective, Drawing Essentials helps students to develop a thorough understanding of drawing fundamentals, which in turn will prepare them for more advanced experiences with drawing and the myriad
possibilities that it offers.

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