Item #352321 Agrippa's Occult Philosophy: Natural Magic (Dover Books on the Occult). Cornelius Agrippa.

Agrippa's Occult Philosophy: Natural Magic (Dover Books on the Occult)

Dover Publications, June 2006. Trade Paperback. Item #352321
ISBN: 0486447170

A new copy.

Written by a legendary scholar of Renaissance esoterica, this is the single most important text in the history of Western occultism, Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) combined classical Neoplatonic and Hermetic philosophy with elements of the Jewish Kabbalah and Christianity to form a systematic exposition of occult knowledge. Agrippa's view of divine order was subsequently eclipsed by the materialism and atheism of the Enlightenment, but 500 years later, his influential work endures as a cornerstone of mystic literature.
In serious, educated, and accessible terms, Agrippa defines occultism and magic as a natural means of attaining knowledge and power. His explanations of planetary rulerships, enchantments, sorceries, types of divination, and the interpretation of dreams offer an intriguing array of possibilities: improved health, prolonged life, increased wealth, and enhanced foresight. This inexpensive edition of his classic study offers students of the history of ideas and occult traditions an essential reference tool.

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