Item #353422 Beyond the Occult: The Astonishing Conclusion to the Occult Trilogy. Colin Wilson.

Beyond the Occult: The Astonishing Conclusion to the Occult Trilogy

Watkins Publishing, October 2020. Trade Paperback. Item #353422
ISBN: 1786783487

A new copy.

This updated follow-up to the international bestseller, The Occult, is essential reading for anyone interested in the mystical and the paranormal--from ESP and clairvoyance to poltergeists and spirit possession

Almost two decades after writing his famous and critically acclaimed history of magic in The Occult, Colin Wilson re-examined the whole spectrum of the mystical and paranormal, producing a general occult theory that remains as compelling as the evidence of atomic particles. This edition of Beyond the Occult contains new material and evidence, which came to light following publication of The Occult. It combines scientific thinking on the nature of physical reality with a wide range of fascinating case studies--from the Swiss dowser who located the body of a missing woman to the lucky American whose dreams foretold the winning horses in multiple races to scores of accounts of mystical experiences of the Divine, spirit possession, and poltergeists. Here, you will discover the amazing hidden powers of the human mind--and the more mysterious forces of good or evil:

Part 1: Hidden Powers
Extra-sensory Perception (ESP)

Part 2: Powers of Good and Evil
Spirit Possession

In Beyond the Occult, Colin Wilson puts forward a convincing case that our so-called 'normal' experience may, in fact, be subnormal, and that evolution may have brought us near the edge of a quantum leap into a hugely expanded human consciousness. This new edition also includes a foreword by Colin Wilson's biographer, Colin Stanley.

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