Freedom's Challenge. Anne McCaffrey.

Freedom's Challenge

Putnam Adult, May 1998. Hardcover. Item #37546
ISBN: 0399143971

Kris Bjornson has come a long way since the day alien spaceships scooped her up in a slave raid. She has fallen in love with the gentle Zainal. Now Kris has a house of sorts, a child she adores, and a respected place in the community. But she still feels a soldier's duty to escape and rejoin the struggle. If human colonists can join forces with Catteni rebels, they might be able to strike a real blow at the Eosi who control them all. But the dangers of a raid on Catten are tremendous - especially for Zainal, the only Catteni among them, who must lead the attack on his own planet. His love for Kris and their child, and for the freedom he has tasted on Botany, make clear to him what he must do, but the fate of his home world can only break his heart.

Price: $6.00

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