When the Mountains Tremble (movie poster)

Skylight Pictures, 1983. First Edition. Poster. Item #276490
ISBN: 281AIB1054711

Poster, 17 x 24 inches. Pasted panel at poster bottom: 'plus Nicaragua: Report from the Front. First Footage of the CIA-backed 'Contras' inside Nicaragua. New York Premier! January 18-31. 2-week Limited Run! Film Forum.' Skylight Pictures was founded by Pamela Yates, Peter Kinoy and Paco de Onís in 1981 as a human rights media organization based in Brooklyn. This is their first feature-length film. It describes the struggle of the largely indigenous Guatemalan peasantry against a legacy of state and foreign oppression. Centered on the experiences of Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú, a Maya K’iche indigenous leader, the film knits a variety of forms— interviews, direct address, re-enactment, video transmission, and on the spot footage shot at great hazard— into a wide-ranging and remarkable cohesive epic canvas of the Guatemalan struggle. First edition (first printing). Very good copy. Pin holes in corners. Mild edge wear.

Price: $40.00