Item #292730 Anna Louise Strong (B/W photograph, Kneisle photograph, Seattle, 1919). Anna Louise. Kneisle Strong, photographer.

Anna Louise Strong (B/W photograph, Kneisle photograph, Seattle, 1919)

Kneisle, 1919. Photograph. Item #292730

B/W photograph, 6.75 x 10 inches. Anna Louise Strong (1885-1970) was a journalist and activist known for her reporting on and support of the communist movements in The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. She was recalled from the Seattle School Board in 1918 for her association with radical movements and support of Wobblies. In the late 1920s she traveled to China and was friends with Chou En Lai; in the 1930s she founded the 'Moscow News', the first English language newspaper in the city. Despite her prior praise for the Soviet Union she was expelled from the USSR in 1949. The US removed her passport, returning it in 1958 at which time she returned to China where she died. A near fine copy. Traces of mounts on rear. From the estate of Benjamin Kizer (father of Carolyn Kizer), lawyer, Spokane figure, post-war China diplomat 1944-1946, as director of the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

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