Item #329138 Sourcery (Discworld, #5). Terry Pratchett.

Sourcery (Discworld, #5)

Harper, April 2013. Mass Market Paperback. Item #329138
ISBN: 0062225723

A new copy.

"Delightful. . . logically illogical as only Terry Pratchett can write." --Anne McCaffrey

A hilarious mix of magic, mayhem, and Luggage, Sourcery is the fifth book in New York Times bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett's classic fantasy Discworld series.

Rincewind, the legendarily inept wizard, has returned after falling off the edge of the world. And this time, he's brought the Luggage. But that's not all... Once upon a time, there was an eighth son of an eighth son who was, of course, a wizard. As if that wasn't complicated enough, said wizard then had seven sons. And then he had an eighth son -- a wizard squared (that's all the math, really). Who, of course, was a source of magic -- a sourcerer.

Will the sourcerer lead the wizards to dominate all of Discworld? Or can Rincewind's tiny band stave off the Apocalypse?

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